About Us

Team Rival is a rapidly up-and-coming esports organization solely dedicated to the development and growth of teams in competitive gaming, with the intent to field the top and most-recognized players in the professional scene. With Rival's acquisition of CycloneGG Smite Pro League team and past endeavors in CSGO, SSB4, and World of Tanks, the organization has made a definitive mark on competitive esports and a real push for recognition as a top organization. Team Rival is motivated by the mission to identify and train high-quality talent, to foster a growing community, and build the organization from the ground-up.


  • Tyler "TDubs" West

    General Manager

    Tyler first became involved with esports by actively watching Halo and later competitively in Gears of War. After obtaining a college degree he renewed his interest in esports by establishing online esports-based communities. He works full time as a Civil Engineer and is committed to growing the RivaL brand even further.

  • Kurtis "Ravage" Coombs


    Kurtis has been involved in the management side of esports for over 3 years with Mortality eSports. As a player he has played for notable teams like CS 1.6's Integrated Recon, COD 2's Mach Extreme, BF2's Team Zboard, and Mortality eSports' BF3 and BF4 squad rush and 8v8 teams. He has casted for the MLG Pro League and various ESL Qualifier tournaments.