Smite World Championship round up

by Team Rival | November 19, 2018

At the start of 2018 we competed in our first Smite World Championship. 2017 we went from a bottom tier SPL team to one of the worlds best LAN teams. We finish 2nd place to Eunited but the journey isn't complete.

This year was the first time we had both teams at SWC held at Dreamhack Atlanta. European Xbox's first World Championship run. We had high expectations for both teams heading into the event.

Day 1 wields one of our famous rivalries NRG. Weakened due to unfortunate circumstances with their Mid Laner Yammyn unable to attend the team get ready exploit the weak Mid/Jungle Synergy of Adapting/Homiefe. Invading speed thought the game and taking all jungle farm NRG fall 2-0 and we continue our run into Day 2.

Day 2 we start with facing Trifecta who surprisingly knock out the former World Champions Eunited denying our revenge for last SWC. While the games are close and contested well by the Trifecta squad we come out with a 3-0 Victory.  Next up Xbox face Flashpoint to advance to face Astral Authority in the finals. The boys don't come out on top losing 0-2 and crushed to have finally got to Worlds and fall so soon. They finish 3rd/4th and had a fantastic year with top finishes every Split.

Day 3 the dark horse of the competition ahead. Splyce taking down Obey and Dignitas 2 favourites to win. They had a big rise to get here with a final push in the last split they managed to take 2nd from Spacestation. The Finals begins with the god of war arriving to the stage crushing Splyce in game 1. A quick recovery from Splyce taking away the Ares pick and other gods from Rival's tool box they make the score 2-1. A struggle in game 4 to survive, Deathwalker changes tactics turning to the Tera. After a slow grind on the Left phoenix on Splyces base the team finally break it and make it to Game 5. The end is bittersweet as we fall and Splyce become the Smite World Champions,

We would like the fans for all the support for the last 2 years we've had a fantastic ride. #FearTheReaper



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