Team rivaL Enters WoT's

by Team Rival | January 11, 2016

Team rivaL is proud to announce our new World of Tanks roster, taking our first step into an ambitious New Year for our young organization. ‘Simple Tankers’ have been a staple of the World of Tanks competitive scene since it’s inception, participating in all seven seasons of the WGLNA gold league and attending 3 of the 6 lan events to date. You may also know the ‘Simple Tankers’ from their involvement in the large clan “SIMP” (Who field the “SIMP” roster) which is a well-known entity in the World of Tanks community at large.

Notable members of our new roster include Executis who is a top fantasy pick and has been a premiere World of Tanks player since his pick up by ‘Simple Tankers’ in season 2. He is well known for his clutch performance at the season 2 live finals. In addition, Jsmooth (Team Captain) has brought an edge to the pre-game face offs as he regularly brings his whimsical antics to the big screen of the WGLNA.

Simple Tankers currently sit in 5th place in the standings and look primed to challenge for the coveted lan spot at the live finals in Las Vegas this February. RivaL Co-Owner, Kurtis ‘Ravage’ Coombs had this to say about the new addition;

“I am thrilled to begin our partnership with ‘Simple Tankers’. I think it’s an extremely valuable asset to keep your team competitive and in one piece with such consistency in performance, especially in the face of the team hopping mentality that has plagued eSports like ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Counter Strike’. On top of that, we absolutely fell in love with the attitudes, hardworking nature and sense of camaraderie among this group almost instantly. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in season 7 and beyond.”Ravage, Co-Owner

“The Simple Tankers are very excited to join the Rival Family. We were very impressed with what they have to offer and look forward to representing Rival and Easars in the WLGNA. We are happy to have this opportunity to help expand the World of Tanks brand as well as the Simple Tankers name in the world of Esports.”Joel ‘Jsmooth’ Everett, Simple Tankers Captain

We look forward to representing our sponsors, Easars, beginning with the acquisition of our new, yet established World of Tanks team. #FeartheReaper













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