Team Rival are your SMITE Masters 2018 Champions!

by Team Rival | May 13, 2018

The SMITE Masters 2018 is a tournament that will be held at Hi Rez Studios to finalize the spring season.


After a close second place at the Smite World Championship, the team had to prove that they deserved the title. Coming in 2nd during the normal season got them to the Smite Masters to face teams from across the globe.

They easily destroyed Mashubois from Singapore with one of the fastest games in smite history. They faced Eunited next the team they had everything to prove. Trading blows we take the series 2-1 against Eunited and send the World Champions to the losers bracket.

Next we face Dignitas who finished 1st in Spring Season. A hard opponent the boys fall 0-3 into the losers bracket and still have a chance at the trophy. After a NA showdown Spacestation defeat the Champs 2-0. While Eunited looked good against Rival, Spacestation did not. With NA meta being destroyed they are quickly taken down 3-0 and we go on to face Digitalis again in the Grand Finals.

A tall task ahead, we have to win a Best of 7 against Dignitas with a 1 game lead. We come out Cold falling in game one dropping 0-2 down. We fall in game 3 making it 0-3 all hope seems lost. One game after another the boys pull it back to a miracle 4-3 Victory over Dignitas winning the Smite Masters and the first BO7 series in Smite History!

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