Smite Console Series Announcement

by Team Rival | February 21, 2018

Team Rival is proud to announce the signing of our new EU Smite Console Series roster. A new dawn of Console Smite brings a new Team Rival squad looking to claim the top spot once again after our dramatic fall at the end of last year. Team Rival Veterans Rapio and Gnome join up with season SCL Players from EanixGG; Vaporishcoast, V 50m Fly and DineOhSaw to create the new EU powerhouse.

We are proud to announce our SCS  Roster:

Solo - @Predators_Smite

Jungler - @RapioSmite

Support - @DineOhSaw

ADC - @VaporishCoast

Mid - @V_50mFly

Coach - @JoeeeyHutch

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