RivaL Signs iMPacT Reloaded

by Team Rival | June 27, 2016

Team RivaL is proud to announce our sponsorship of CWL Challenger and content creation team, iMPacT Reloaded. This team will be attending the GFinity CWL Summer Masters this weekend in London under the Team RivaL banner, they will participate in Group B against Infused, Exertus and WYSIX. With former COD Champs experience among our team in Amar, KraQz and Torres we’re ecstatic to see what this roster can do in London this weekend and in the future as we set up for a run at qualifying for COD XP 2016 in LA this September!

Our new team has a massive following among German viewers, as well as an amazing team of content creators within iMPacT Reloaded and will strive to continue our players partnership with such an amazing content creation team.

“If you want to achieve something great, you have to make steps forward and I think we made a good step forward by joining RivaL as an European Team and also cooperating with our YouTuber Team iMPacT. I think the future can look very good if everyone is working together and try to figure out the best way for moving up to the top.”  - AmarAmarAl-Naimi

“"I'm really excited to be able to bring this team to the Team RivaL family, along with their many great fans. This team has a lot of potential and we're hoping to bring nothing but success for both parties moving forward." - Mike MayzixAbell




 iMP AmaR  AmarAmarAl-Naimi

Content creator and team captain of iMPacT Reloaded. Amar has qualified once for COD Champs.




Silvano has made three trips to COD Champs (Once under fabE in Advanced Warfare) and has two european championships under his belt as well as ten top three lan finishes. In addition he’s a partnered twitch streamer with a large viewership.




KraQz attended the 2015 COD Champs in LA and is a regular youtube content creator.



Is a former member of Riot gaming and is the newest addition to the team for COD Masters.

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