CS:GO Announcement

by Team Rival | December 11, 2017

Team Rival enters Counter Strike Global Offensive this week with the acquisition of the former DankSpaz roster. With an impressive showing against Premiere teams in the MidWestLAN 19 placing 2nd they are pready to make the push into Premier.

Team RivaL Co-Owner, Ravage90, had this to say about the acquistion;

"I'm extremely excited to be working with Recky again. We've had a lot of success collaborating in the Battlefield Pro Scene, as well as when we brought the old Mortality CSGO Roster with Shinobi under our banner in the past. We've witnessed first hand that recky is an excellent team builder with three of his former team mates playing under major contracts for organizations like TSM and Complexity as of the beginning of this season. I believe our blend of experience with new and experienced players follows the same recipe of success we've experience in the past." - Kurtis 'Ravage' Coombs, Co-Owner, Team RivaL


Our roster will look as following for the next season;

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