World of Tanks

World of Tanks
  • Executis

    Marine Corps veteran playing out of Virginia Beach. I started playing World of Tanks back in 2011. I joined Simple Tankers for WGLNA season 2. Medium tanks best tanks. I can do a pretty good Marvin the Martian impersonation. More

  • Jsmooth

    Captain of Worl of Tanks team rivaL - Simple TankersPro player for world of tanks all 7 seasons.#DangerZone @simplejsmooth...Read More

  • phlak

    WoT player since 2013. 3 Season Gold League veteran. ...Read More

  • Zakume

    Profesional World of Tanks player, played all 7 seasons in the WGLNA Gold League....Read More

  • PubWhisperer

    ...Read More

  • Unknown0ne

    ...Read More

  • Commander_Jay

    Professional World of Tanks player for Rival Simple Tankers. Record setting player, and MVP in the WGLNA. Twitter: More