EU SCL Fall Split Preview

Sat 23rd Sep 2017 - 2:57pm : Recap

Hello and welcome to the EU SCL Fall Split Preview. This article will be taking a quick look at all the teams and what has happened during the Summer Split, Dreamhack Valencia and Relegations.

Team RivaL

Dominant through the EU Spring and Summer Split's this year, Team RivaL are looking very strong going into the Fall Split. In terms of performance Team RivaL has went undefeated versus other European teams, only losing to North American teams throughout the year.

The summer split was the most suprising as Team RivaL finally performed at LAN against SoaR Gaming. They had a hard game one, but through good late game team fights they ended up taking the game. Game two had an extremely strong picks and bans, leading them into the finals. This is the first time a EU team has beaten a NA SCL team at LAN in a full set. They later fell to Astral Authority, who showed themselves to be a dominant force.

They have seen a improvement in performance since picking up the “King of EU” Dobson in ADC replacing former ADC Atonement. We will see if they can hold an unbeaten EU record this Split, fueled by their LAN win. AppointedGnome will definitely be a player to watch on this team due to his consistent performance across both online and LAN phases.


Eanix have been looking strong since they accquired DineOhSaw at the start of the Summer Split. They where looking good to contest the throne, but Rival beat them in both games this Split. Tieing with eRa in final week sealed their fate, making them unable to qualify for Dreamhack. For this split they have picked up eRa’s former ADC VaporishCoact, dropping SCL veteran Welshbeastq. They are looking like real contenders to make it to the SMITE World Championships. Vapourish Coast is definitely the player to watch on this team, especially after his performance in the last split, where he showed he was capable of being a top level ADC.

We play EanixGG on Monday the 25th of September at 7:45 PM BST on

eRa Eternity

eRa’s Summer Split showed potential for the team, with the team splitting with both Eanix and Navenntic, positioning them as 3rd on the leaderboards. They embraced new players from the Challenger Cup and have been molding them for SMITE Console League. Now they re-qualified with more new talent, with Lyzurr in ADC and Rogue T in Solo. While they have been shown to be progressing, it's going to take a lot for eRa to take down RivaL and Eanix through the season. Lyzurr will most likely be the player to watch on this team, having a big role to fill after the leaving of Vapourish Coast.

We play eRa Eternity on Monday the 2nd of October at 6:00 PM BST on

CAZ eSports

Caz was relegated after the Spring Split due to a crushing defeat from eRa and Naventic. They return after going 3-0 in relegations kicking out CycloneGG (ex-Naventic). The team is filled with SCL veterans, with former RivaL players Atonement and Elexum. Atonement is looking to get payback on his former team and get to the SMITE World Championshhip with his new lineup. Their support Switch will definitely be a player to watch, having to play a big role in leading the team.

We play CAZ on Monday the 9th of October at 7:45 PM BST on

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Chris Shaw