Rival Rumble - Sub Wars information June 11th

Sun 29th Apr 2018 - 12:55am : General

We are pleased to announce our second Rival Rumble - Sub Wars with Deathwalker and Wlfy!


Rival Rumble - Sub Wars is a BO3 tournament series where 2 streamers have their subs battle it out to see who is supreme and gain GLORY and prizes.

Event will start on June 11th, 9PM CET on both participants channels.

Teams will battle it out in 2 Conquest games and the final game will be an Assault with the streamers joining the battle so see who is supreme. Game 1 and 2 teams will be announced pre event in Discord and the decider game will be drafted on the day, so sign up early for the best chance to represent your favorite streamer! During Sub wars, we will be using the Rival Community Discord to make sure streamers and players interact with each other. There will be gems, prizes and giveaways during the event!

To join you must Subscribe on Twitch to your chosen streamer and sign up using the form below.



Rival Rumble Format Video:

Wlfy’s Channel:

DeathWalker’s Channel:

Deathwalker Sign Up:

Wlfy Sign Up:



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