Team Rival Expands Smite Presence

Wed 22nd Mar 2017 - 4:22pm : General

Team Rival is proud to announce that it has expanded it's presence within smite with the acquisition of the former Cyclone SPL Roster. In addition to it's regional champion EU SCL team recently qualifying for it's Spring Split LAN, Rival will now also sport a team at the SPL Spring Gauntlet in Atlanta, Georgia at HiRez Studios.

"I am extremely excited for this signing and to be expanding into the Smite scene even further. Our full management team holds a fondness for Smite in our hearts, with most of us having been involved within it's competitive scene for years. This team in particular holds many of the attributes that we highly value when signing team; they've made the decision to grow as a team with no roster swaps (even between seasons), they're extremely hardworking and have positive attitudes. This team, in my opinion, has a ton of untapped potential." - Kurtis 'RagingRavage' Coombs

"Really excited to be joining with Rival. They've been shown to be a highly competitive organisation in scenes like the SCL and Super Smash. Joining with them only motivates us to play to our best and show we can be a prominent team in the SPL." - Peter 'Kalas' Matejic

File:Cyclone KaLas 2016 Fall.png
Petar 'KaLaS' Matejic

Support / Captain


File:Cyclone Wlfy 2016 Fall.png

Alexandru 'Wlfy' Lefterica




File:Cyclone iceicebabyy 2016 Fall.png
Aleksandar 'IceIceBaby' Zahariev



File:Cyclone Deathwalker 2016 Fall.png
Adrian 'Deathwalker' Benko



File:Cyclone VoteNBK 2016 Fall.png
Liam 'Vote' Shanks














Kurtis Coombs

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    Group Rival is pleased to report that AssignmentLand it has extended it's quality inside destroy with the obtaining of the previous Cyclone SPL Roster. Notwithstanding it's local champion EU SCL group as of late meeting all requirements for it's Spring Split LAN, Rival will now additionally wear a group at the SPL Spring Gauntlet in Atlanta, Georgia at HiRez Studios. 



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