Rival Enters H1Z1

Wed 1st Mar 2017 - 8:03pm : General

In anticipation of the CW's H1Z1 KOTK even, Team Rival proudly announces the acquisition of H1Z1 team RNG comprised of KeironpedroSALTanaPrescott aka ‘Scoom’, BjörnMOLNMANJansson, Decio PereiradekiRageDe Sousa Pinto, Georgios-Bertold VelociREKTorBackhus.

RNG has stampeded into the scene recently after impressive performances in many of the European H1Z1 professional scrims, coming out with 4 victories in just two short weeks. Although team RNG may be new to the H1Z1 community, they are seasoned eSports competitors with a combined prize pool between the group of $182,000 USD from the Ark: Survival of the Fittest Survivor League. Their most noteworthy appearance was in the Ark: Survival of the Fittest Summer Cup during the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, China Joy 2016 taking 2nd and 4th place respectively (Kappa Pride, deki/pedro, and Kittykatz, MOLNMAN.).

“We are ecstatic to bring such an amazing group of competitors under our roof at Team Rival. It has been thrilling to watch the immediate impact that this group has had on the H1Z1 scene in such short order. I had the pleasure of meeting Pedro and MOLNMAN just six months ago, fresh off their appearances at the Summer Cup and it was abundantly clear that they possessed a champion’s attitude in addition to elite skillsets in battle royale survivor games. It was no surprise to see them have instant success in European H1.” - Kurtis 'RagingRavage' Coombs

"Our players are super excited to be joining Team RivaL, coming from a very successfull competitive background from SOTF, after winning almost every tournament together, we are looking forward to venturing into the h1z1 competitive scene. We will work hard to improve and progress to make a name of ourselves in the h1z1 community." - Keiron 'Scoom' Prescott



Kurtis Coombs

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