Fall Split: Smite Roster Updates

Sat 3rd Sep 2016 - 4:39pm : General

Team RivaL’s Smite Console League was able to prove themselves as a top contender in the SCL with a 3rd place finish at the Smite Console League Summer Split LAN and overalls 2nd place finish in the EU SCL Summer Split.  However, moving forward, changes needed to be made to not only contend but to also work towards becoming the best team in the SCL and hopes of ending the season with a first place finish at the Smite World Championship in January of 2017.

That being said, the updated Team RivaL roster is as follows:


Support and captain

David ‘Zenborne’ Pentek

No change will occur in the Support role with the team continuing to be captained by Smite Xbox veteran Zenborne. Zenborne,  in his tenure as a competitive player in smite on xbox, has placed first in the ESL Grand Finals (SWC Qualifiers), 3rd at SWC 2016 Xbox One Invitational, and with a RivaL, as mentioned previously, a 3rd place SCL Summer Split LAN finish.




Harley ‘Atonement’ Saunders

One of the first changes being made to Team RivaL’s roster is the move of our former mid-laner to the hunter role.  Atonement is experienced as a hunter in Smite as he previously played in the role competitively on the PC platform. He hopes to emerge as a top hunter in the SCL as he tries to transfer what he has learned in PC over to Xbox.




Austin ‘Gnome’ Glasspoole

Another of the changes with the roster includes an additional role swap with Gnome moving to the mid lane. Although Gnome has the majority of his competitive experience in the solo lane, his move to the mid lane looks to be a promising one with his natural ability as a player in smite. With his impressive performances throughout the SCL Qualifiers and Summer Split, Gnome is sure to make a mark in his new role on Team RivaL.




Connor ‘Rapio’ Latham

Over the recent SCL summer split, Rapio has proven himself to be not only one of the best Junglers in the game but also one of the best individual players.  Rapio boasted impressive stats in the last split including having the most kills in the entirety of the SCL, including both the EU and NA regions. Rapio is sure to continue his individual success for the remainder of the season, in the hopes to further the team’s success overall.




Jack ‘Watson’ Watson

Finally, our new addition to the roster will be WatsonV3 in the solo lane.  Watson has been touted by many as one of the best individually skilled players on console since the competitive scene started gaining traction.  Although he has shown throughout his competitive career, he is capable of playing multiple roles, Watson will continue now as a part of Team RivaL in the role that he gained the most notoriety in, the solo lane.




Kurtis Coombs

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    Group RivaL's Smite Console League could substantiate themselves as a best contender in the SCL with a third place complete at the Smite Console League Summer Split LAN and overalls second place complete in the EU SCL Summer Split. 

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