Team Rival Partners With Horizon Union

Thu 28th Jul 2016 - 1:32am : General

Team Rival has entered into a partnership with Horizon Union, effective immediately. This is a union between a top flight eSports company and an extremely well known content creation company. We at Team Rival, believe that this partnership will result in significantly improved media, design and content creation for our impressive eSports roster across ALL platforms. Furthermore, we believe that working with Horizon will improve our fan outreach, which is something that we value above all else. 

"Horizon Union, has grown significantly from a simple COD Sniping team into a multi-platform media giant and it's sustained growth continues to impress me to this day. I believe that the creation of the Team Rival/Horizon Union network will significantly increase our reach and media presence in the realm of eSports."

Horizon Union

Twitter: @HorizonUnion




Kurtis Coombs

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