Stream Team Announcement

Tue 1st Mar 2016 - 6:36pm : General

Areios on the left and Acipere on the right.


Team Rival is proud to announce the formation of our stream team! Joining us in addition to our pro players, are community streamers Acipere and GGAreios ! We're extremely excited to welcome these great streamers under the Team Rival banner!




Areios is relatively new to streaming, she is a Canadian streamer who regularly streams Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. In addition Areios is an avid cosplayer and regularly attends major conventions in exceptional cosplay creations. We're extremely happy to welcome her to the Team Rival family and can't wait to watch her viewership grow as the community falls in love with her personality and viewer interaction.









Acipere has been streaming for quite some time, he is a staple of the Smite streaming community and is often seen playing with large Smite personalities such as Allied. In addition to Smite, Acipere is an avid H1Z1 streamer. We look forward to Acipere bringing his great sense of humor and fan engagement to Team Rival's stream team!



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Team Rival

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