A new direction, for a new year.

Mon 11th Jan 2016 - 8:55am : General

With a New Year, comes a new management group for Team Rival and a fresh rebranding to charge forward in meeting aggressive goals for organizational success. Upon taking over Team rivaL, co-owners, Tyler “TDubbaya” West and Kurtis “Ravage” Coombs targeted a clean/professional rebranding that would allow for slick marketing campaigns and an iconic image that would resonate with current and future fans. After weeks of soul searching, they decided on the new reaper logo which avoided the dull representations of the reaper in past sports logos. The change to purple was a much debated change, made in an effort to differentiate Rival from other major eSports brands which traditionally opt for the iconic Red, Greens and Blues that fill the eSports community.

In addition to the rebranding, the new management team looks as follows;



Kurtis ‘Ravage’ Coombs

Kurtis “Ravage” Coombs has been avidly involved in eSports since the age of 13, competing in the CPL circuit for CS 1.6, COD 2, and BF2. After a brief break from gaming during high school to focus on education, Kurtis returned to professional gaming in Bad Company 2 forming Death Before Dishonor/FIST. Death Before Dishonor/Fist was the top large format team for BC2, BF3 and BF4 winning all but one 24v24 ESL Night Cup during that time. During BF3, Death Before Dishonor/FIST was picked up by Mortality eSports (A member of Team Razer) for our large format, 5v5, and 10v10 teams where they established themselves among the top teams in the world.

Following Battlefield, Kurtis remained a key member of the Mortality eSports management, guiding them through Battlefield, recruiting/scouting their top CSGO team (Current Denial roster that made CEVO Pro.) and Smite teams (Currently in the world championships.). He introduced weekly show matches which established Mortality as the key content provider for Smite Xbox, garnering huge viewership and fan engagement. Since then he has Produced/Casted for ESL and the MLG Pro League with glowing recommendations from seasoned professionals in the field.

In the professional world, Kurtis has worked for a number of years in Sales/Account Management in the Telecommunications and Architecture and Design industries. A notable accomplishment was that he was elected as Mayor of the Town of Paradise in 2009 where he was the youngest Mayor Elect in Canadian history.

He hopes to bring the same passion, drive and enthusiasm that has aided him in his professional and eSports careers to Team Rival.

Tyler “TDubbaya” West

Tyler 'TDubbaya' West started gaming at an early age but did not begin his involvement in the competitive eSports scene until late 2006 with the release of Gears of War on the Xbox 360. Since that time, he became a competitive gaming enthusiast, avidly following multiple competitive scenes including Halo and competing in Gears of War and Shadowrun. As 

As a Gears of War player his accomplishments included a total of multiple top placings in MLGs official online tournaments, following the game being officially added to the Pro Circuit in 2007. Tyler would eventually turned his sights toward management and administration, where he administered several local LANs and was a team manager for a 'Semi-Pro' Gears team with several top 16 LAN placings. 

Following the decline of Gears in the competitive scene, he took a break from competitive gaming after high school, in order to pursue and attain a degree in Civil Engineering. Since obtaining his degree, he has worked on several multi-million dollar infrastructure, structural, and transportation projects in both design and project management throughout California and Washington.

Most recently, Tyler has been involved in the competitive Smite scene on the Xbox One as the Founder/Owner of @SupportSmite, a brand he established to provide support to the competitive players, professional organizations, and the community around them in any way that he can.

Tyler plans to provide his experience in high-level management that he has developed in and outside of competitive gaming to Team Rival and looks forward to developing, what he hopes to eventually be, one of the most recognized competitive gaming communities in eSports.

General Manager

Patrick ‘OctanePro’ Jester

Patrick ‘OctanePro’ Jester is a content streamer, shoutcaster, eSports guru and known Smite Community member. Octane started casting + producing content for Smite Central, eventually moving to the Team Manager position of Mortality eSports European Team and growing the brand significantly. After a year he took over the job of Operations Manager of “Mortality eSports” overseeing the prolific Smite Roster that was among the top teams in the world, CSGO (Took the team from Open, all the way to the CEVO Pro league), Fighting Games (ChuDat) and Smite Xbox (Currently 1 of 4 teams competing for the World Championship). He also is regularly a facet among HiRez call-ins for major events to handle production (Including large events like the World Championships and Launch tournament). In addition Patrick was instrumental in sponsorship expansion, meeting sponsorship requirements and growing social media significantly for Mortality during his tenure.

Head of Scouting

Mike “Mayzix”

Mayzix has been involved for eSports for a number of years as a player in the console FPS team. Most recently Mayzix has managed the successfull Elevate Xbox Smite team and has been instrumental in securing sponsorships, recruiting new teams and managing assets in his various roles with other organizations. We look forward to adding his go getter attitude and work ethic to Team rivaL.

Team Rival

Team Rival

Team Rival

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