SPL Preview - Team Rival vs NRG eSports

Fri 6th Oct 2017 - 11:56pm : Game Preview


Hello everyone and welcome to the final SPL Preview for the Fall Split SPL! Today we will be looking at Team Rival vs NRG eSports, an important match for both teams. We will be looking at potential picks, playstyles, and of course the impact of the matches. Let’s get into it!


This is an extremely important set for both Rival and NRG. If NRG get a 2-0 in this match they are brought to 9 points, which means they are qualified for Super Regionals if either Elevate or Valance Squad 2-0. On the flip side, if Rival get a 2-0 in this set they are automatically qualified for Super Regionals, taking a guaranteed 3rd place going into Super Regionals. A 1-1 set would make it so NRG can at most match with Valance in points, and automatically qualify Rival in at least 4th place.


But the question is what will happen in the game? NRG is a team that plays engagements extremely well. They’ve always been known for their good rotations and grouping into big objective swings. They use to perform this so well it was referred to as the ‘E-Bomb’ back when they were Epsilon. Unfortunately for NRG, this hasn’t transferred well over the years due to the shift in meta, as well as some noticeable changes in performance from the team. This isn’t to say they aren’t a strong team, but they just fail to perform at the highest level of play at the moment. If they are able to pull off their usual play style, it’s very likely that NRG will take a game.


However, NRG has a tendency to fall into a reactive play style rather than a pro-active play style. While this can work for them, they’ve not been able to consistently pull this style off, making it feel like they fall further and further behind until the game is lost. If NRG want to take this set they need to play pro-actively.


Looking at their playstyle, we can certainly expect gods such as Raijin, Thor and Xing Tian to come out during their games. Gods such as these offer quite a lot of utility, while also set up well in teamfights.


As for how the matches will go, it’s hard to say. Both teams need these wins, making it one of the most important sets of the season. If both teams play at their best, it should come out as a 1-1. One thing to consider however is NRG’s performance versus Burrito. This set went 1-1 rather than the expected ‘easy’ 2-0, questioning if NRG will perform to their best. Rival however has been on their first 2-0 streak, probably in their best mindset so far. For this reason, I’d say it’s likely that the games will go 2-0 in Rival’s favor.


Don't forget to watch the game live Tomorrow on and support the boys!



Thomas Shaw

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