SPL Preview - Team Rival vs Burrito Esports

Wed 4th Oct 2017 - 11:39pm : Game Preview


Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s SPL preview! Today we will be looking at Team Rival vs Burrito Esports, giving an insight into the potential picks, playstyle, and possible results for tomorrow's game. Let’s get into it!


So far Burrito has had a pretty consistent playstyle. They like to have a long game, taking advantage of gods that perform best in the mid to late game. A lot of the games they have won this split has been at least 30 minutes, reflecting their playstyle. The gods we frequently see them play are quite unconventional in comparison to other teams. They seem to like gods which have a lot of burst potential such as Zeus, Jing Wei, Ao Kuang and Ratatoskr. All of these gods haven’t been picked up very frequently (if at all) from other teams. This isn’t to say that they don’t work, it’s just there are other picks which are held in higher regards such as Hou Yi, Raijin, and Serqet.


What does this mean for their match against Team Rival then? It should be completely expected that they won't deviate from their playstyle now. They’ve been consistent with it up until now, and it would make the least sense to try and change it on the last week of the SPL. This especially relevant since they have managed to take wins off Super Regional contenders such as NRG eSports through their dedication. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be enough for their match versus Team Rival. While they have managed to pull out a couple wins through the split, they just aren’t playing at a high level consistently to make them a reliable bet on most games. The set should go to Team Rival in a simple 2-0 fashion, with little possibility for a slip up.

Don't forget to watch the game live Tomorrow on and we will see you later this week for another SPL preview!



Thomas Shaw