SPL Preview - Team Rival vs Elevate

Thu 28th Sep 2017 - 8:26pm : Game Preview

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s SPL preview! Today we will be looking at the match between Team Rival and Elevate, quite an important game for both teams. We’ll be looking at the playstyles, potential picks and outcomes this week. So let’s get into it!


Elevate currently has a high position on the leaderboard with 7 points, placing them at 3rd. However, their remaining games certainly are tough ones. They have their match against us this week, as well as their matches against Obey Alliance and Valance Squad, both contenders for Super Regionals. This makes every game important for them to keep their high position, as they can still be overtaken by quite a few teams. The same can be said for Team Rival, with their remaining games being against Elevate, Burrito, and NRG eSports, making this set an extremely important set for both.


Elevate has had a rocky performance. In their first week they went 1-1 with Burrito, which is probably the most detrimental outcome to their current score. They then took out NRG eSports 2-0 to everyone’s surprise, showing their potential. Elevate is a team that likes their fun duo lanes and loves to be aggressive. Jermain and Dardez are recognised by most as their star players, with Jermain being their main carry throughout the mid to late game. Cherryo plays an equally important role, being the main reason behind their kills and engages in the early game.


In terms of how the match-up will go the games could realistically go either way. Elevate have shown themselves to be a team that can perform at a competitive level, but they have troubles keeping their performance consistent. Everyone knows Elevate can be a high level team, and this split is their opportunity to show they can be consistent and can perform. Team Rival is currently in a similar position, losing games that they cannot afford, not being able to play as consistently as they do at LAN. Due to mainly experience, the games should go in favour of Rival in the 2-0 fashion, but don’t doubt that Elevate can certainly take a game, or even both.


Don't forget to watch the game live Saturday 30th on and we will see you next week for another SPL preview!



Thomas Shaw

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