SPL Preview - Team Rival vs Valance Squad

Fri 22nd Sep 2017 - 7:38pm : Game Preview

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s SPL Preview for Team Rival vs Valance! Today we’ll be looking at what to expect from the games in terms of picks, playstyle and results. So, let’s get into it.


Valance has always been a strong team. While they haven’t performed extremely well, they’ve always been close to making it LAN, as seen in the Summer Split. This season so far their performance has shown promise, but has had some missteps. Much like Team Rival this week, Valance split with the Papis, something really detrimental to their placing. The results for this game are important for both teams, as it can be the difference between making LAN and going to through the Gauntlet.


In terms of playstyle, Valance can be seen as similar to Obey in that they like their slow games with a strong mid game, looking for picks into good fights. They usually put Duck3y on gods that capitalise on this such as Sun Wukong, a god who is safe in the early game due to his strong and long ranged clear, but influential mainly in the mid game. It’s not unlikely that we will see Duck3y on something along these lines, along with characters that mainly influence the mid game such as Sol.


In terms of results it’s hard to say. Team Rival has had a tough split so far, but so has Valance. Both teams have potential, but an important point to think about is that Team Rival has had their two toughest games at the beginning of the split. Going off previous performances, and the circumstances considered, this should be a 2-0 for Team Rival, with a possible swing to 1-1.


Don't forget to watch the game live Saturday 23rd on and we will see you later this week for another SPL preview!



Thomas Shaw

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