SPL Preview - Team Rival vs Obey Alliance

Fri 15th Sep 2017 - 8:30pm : Game Preview

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s SPL Preview! Today we will be looking at Team Rival vs Obey Alliance, a rematch of the Dreamhack Semi-Finals. This will be taking a brief look at the teams, picks, and what to expect. Let’s jump in!

Obey unlike quite a few other teams isn’t very aggressive. Their playstyle mainly revolves around being patient and looking for good singular engagements, or looking for opportunities to get a pick into a major objective.

To follow their playstyle Obey usually runs gods like Ne Zha in the jungle to set up for good picks, while also having strong burst gods in the middle lane such as Thoth and Vulcan. CaptainTwig is known for his warrior play in the jungle as well, favouring gods like Odin and Erlang that allow him to set up and frontline efficiently for his team. Emilzy usually likes to run a supporting type of support, with Terra being his most played god due to her global ultimate. It won't be unlikely to see him pull out his Hel if it gets through, otherwise Terra or Geb will probably be picked in the support role.

Should the games run similarly to LAN, the matches should be close. We have two different types of playstyles in this match, definitely making it a match to watch. The games can go either way, but should Team Rival be able to perform like they did on LAN they should be able to take the games in a 2-0.

Don't forget to watch the game live at 10:30pm BST on and we will see you later this week for another SPL preview!




Thomas Shaw

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